Saturday, 5 February 2011

Two without Three

Some days, it all goes wrong. It's as if all the negativity and problems that you didn't have for the entire week, or maybe month, decides to sync watches and hit you all at once.
There's an Italian saying, 'There's no two without a three', meaning that if something happens twice, it's most likely it'll happen a third time before its over. Someone told me, well at least it'll all be done at once, like it's one big storm, and then you won't have to worry about it after that. But when you're going through a day as bad as mine was, no ones advice makes you think it will end.

Some people don't believe in Karma, but I think it exists, not as a force in itself but just a cause and reaction type thing.

So...Here's what you do.
Immediately console in your best friend, and I hope to Krishna you have a friend or two like that, who will happily be bothered anytime anywhere to answer or reply to your message or your text and send you virtual hugs.
That being said, don't lean too heavily on anyone, you might feel like crumbling and the ground beneath your feet suddenly vanished, but just keep it together. Yes, it feels great to complain to someone and cry on their shoulder, but leave it to a minimum, show your friends how strong you are and once you have their support, thank them.
If someone does something to hurt you, they WANT you to crumble and feel pain, and especially if you know you didn't do anything do deserve it, don't give them the satisfaction, don't reply to mean texts or emails, or remarks, don't make a scene at a dinner party.
Keep your cool. Handle everything with grace, remember?

Now go do what you had to do that day. Take a deep breath and really put all your attention into making what you're doing really great. Even if it's just applying your make-up or making lunch.

People hurt other people when they're not happy inside.

There's a saying a friend of mine even got tattooed onto her side, "This too shall pass", and frankly it's not a saying I enjoy because 'This' may be referring to bad things, but it also refers to good things. Yes, life is a sequence of events and the start and end continuously, but good aside, the bad WILL pass, it's guaranteed, so just hold on tight and you'll get past the storm.
You will come out stronger, and you will find out who your true friends are.


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