Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Insomnia Cafe

What is Brunch anyways?
Saying you're going to Brunch sounds so much more glamourous, doesn't it?

Brunch gives you the opportunity to eat whatever you want, and give it one name.
Brunch makes you feel like a gourmet glutton.
Brunch lets you sleep in, but not miss a thing.
Tiffy and I meet only for Brunch, I don't think I've seen her past 3pm since High School. It does feel pretty glamourous, a taste of something ambitious, plus we've been exploring different Brunch places. Insomnia Cafe is definitely one of my favourites. I've had the traditional and the huevos rancheros so far, and Tiff tried the Steak option this time. The salad and homefries it comes with are just mouthwateringly AMAZING.
The reason we were here, again, was to book our Scuba Diving packages to Sipadan. I can't believe it's all coming together! We'll be spending 4 days living in Malaysia and learning how to scuba dive. Am I nervous? Yes. Is it a dream come true?

Kick the bucket list.

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