Thursday, 21 October 2010


So Midterms are almost over, my last one is tomorrow...though I have yet to study for it...DAMN YOU INTERNETS!!!

I've been doing a lot around the house, and to be honest, I will probably be doing nothing but house cleaning tomorrow afternoon, post-midterm pre-parties. I'm hoping to sort out the study for my mom once she gets back. Both my parents are insane pack-rats, (though I may have caught that gene too), and the study is filled with so many books and cds and cassettes and fur coats and mirrors and paintings and so on and so forth...I'm hoping to organize it in such a way that my mom can actually use the desk instead of bringing her work stuff to the living or dining room. As well as clear the area in front of the pullout couch for any impromptu guests.

Another project I'm currently working on is teaching my kitten to go to the the toilet. I've noticed that she enjoys climbing everywhere, toilet seats and hot stoves included, so wouldn't it be amazing if I could pull this off? No more litter to buy or smells to endure...and hopefully my cat would get the hang of it too.

I've been following this website:
And so far I've gotten the cat litter in the bathroom and it has been used by one of them. Hopefully this won't take too long but I'm hoping there will be enough progress to show to my mom when she returns.

Ta ta for now x

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