Friday, 17 September 2010

Life is strange, but you already knew that.

Jet lag made me get up at 7 every morning and I've harnessed this phenomenon to hopefully keep it that way, the best part? Waking up to the most beautiful sunrises my eastwards facing apartment has ever seen. However nothing compares to English skies.
My mum has left for Italy, we only had a week together and now I'm taking care of Mima and newly arrived: Coco! Only 4 months old, it was a surprise my mum got while I was in England. I opened Skype one day to see this instead of my mum's face...
 I wish they got along but Mima is still quite territorial and getting a little old as she is 12, though still small. Now they keep chasing eachother but I get the feeling it's beginning to be more like play, especially since they're home alone for most of the day now that Uni has begun.

I had a job seminar on Monday and got called back before I even got home. Had the interview on Wednesday and am  feeling really confident about it.

However yesterday was a really dark day, and torrential rain soaking through all our clothes did not help. There are a million things that could trigger a mild depression but when I got home I found a message from my doctor saying I needed to book a appointment to see her as soon as possible. Having just had a CT Scan, this makes me really nervous. I was so distracted in fact, that I missed my History class. I can't call the office for another hour so life goes on until then.

Cross you toes...xx

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