Sunday, 7 June 2009

Busy Street

So tomorrow is the start of another tiring week, I am a nanny of sorts from 9am to 1pm near High Park, the little boy is adorable and a polyglot! Lately I've had to babysit for another woman with two boys from 3:30 to 5, so when I get home, I am exhausted, and this is Monday to Friday. But this week I am excited, let me tell you why. Bartending School :)

Hopefully it was a good idea, I've always wanted to do it, so why not? I doubt it could hurt...why am I so hesitant of everything? I've lost many a buses and opportunities because of it too...grr grr grr. I went to an orientation meeting for Uni and am feeling calmer about things, though I am still undecided about my program...the meeting has deciphered my fears.

Basically, with a few weeks off, that is what I will be doing this summer, as well as working at the NXNE Festival next week and going to San Francisco in August. When I told my Drama Teacher/Mentor about the trip, he said that I am the truest hippie he's ever met, and that he might meet up with us there, at City Lights perhaps...we'll see what happens.

I'm watching The Reader, which everyone has told me is wonderful, but so far it seems mostly about sex and frustrations, and I don't really like Kate Winslet's nipples...I will wait till I'm done to make a decision. I saw Up the other day, and cried all night, it was amazing. Speaking of amazing, Star Trek? AWESOME. I'm reading a lot of books, and found another hundred abandoned after garage sales and such, but now they're nice and warm filling up my spiral staircase. I have found a bookstore that will take my used books (and give me a share of the profit too) so I might take some there, since I rarely read the same book twice, though if it's a classic or it meant alot to me, I usually keep it. In the mean time I am sorting through my room and trying to lessen my possessions because I have way too many.
I remember reading a (fictional) book about a boy who had only 100 possessions and discarded one when he had a new one. Alright, so one hundred may be a small, a very small number for me, but there's no harm in trying to get rid of as much as I can...I want things in order once Uni starts. I'm so effing excited...
  • Get Prepaid Credit Card.
  • Get Contact Lenses.
  • Buy ticket to San Francisco.
I love you Sal Paradise.

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