Sunday, 8 February 2009


I can't wait for winter to be over.
I'm having a nervous breakdown.

My lack of school and job is killing me, I need some structure!

I feel that I give my friends alot,
and receive so little back.

Maybe I should be selfish for a little while and just think about making myself happier.

- going to the pool, my body needs it.
- lose some weight, i'll feel better about myself.
- throw out some junk, to feel lighter.
- have a good talk with someone.

I might work as an Au Pair in Toronto soon, but it's not for sure yet. I really do hope they contact me again because I really WANT a job. And not just for the money, though who doesn't like that...

We aren't moving for awhile, but I've been packing alot of my room up.
I've found my camcorder, I want to film and make short things.
My creativeness has gone down so far this year. I've barely taken any pictures.

- buy a tape.
- don't waste your money on anything else.
- find that damn library card you keep losing and tape it to your forehead.



Dihturnoaidi said...

I didn't know you could Au Pair in your own country, not to mention in your own home town. Norway has strict regulations about Au Pair'ing:
* Not with relatives
* Not in a family where at least one of the parents has the same mother tongue as your own (which goes in the face of bilingual children who could need to strengthen their non-Norwegian tongue)
* Not from Norway
* Must be offered an official class in Norwegian (because the entire point is to get practice in the language)
* Salaried and with specific work hours (which is something like 20 hours a week or so...)

The Generous Thief said...

Well what I did was contact Torontonian families through the website, and asked if they would like to consider me to work for them.
Some families find it easy since they wouldn't need to make a room for me or buy extra food, whilst others would prefer to have someone there 24 hours a day, for any type of emergency.

So I guess I'm more so a nanny or babysitter if you work in your own country, though since I speak french, it is an advantage since children in Canada have french classes/schools.

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