Thursday, 8 January 2009


Hello 2009,
how you doin?

Do I have a resolution? Not exactly, just to respect my body and finish what I start, like washing the dishes HA!

New Obsessions:
The Big Bang Theory
best show ever, and it definitely brings out my inner nerd...sigh
Pirate Bay
bad...bad girl.

Back from Mexico, Checklist pleeaaaaaase:
1. ride a horse CHECK!
2. climb a pyramid CHECK!
3. take a picture wearing a sombrero NO CHECK
4. try local food CHECK!
5. go to the beach CHECK!
So sad for the sombrero, but not a big loss. Pictures will be uploaded shortly.

Things are great generally, which is...great! I've got a new compy system, Ubuntu, it's uber awesome EXCEPT there's no webcam abilities!!!! So I will get on that, and installing video editing software of sorts. I am feeling not so creative lately, I think it is because I have no school to attend atm, which is another good reason to get a full time job right now, money, purpose, money and experience.

1) FINISH Applying to University by the end of the month.
2) Get a full time job, resumes have been sent...
3) Watch less Rachel Ray, more Tyra Banks (:

toodles <3

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