Monday, 24 October 2011

Let's get down to business...Take 2

Dear Blogworld (and Coco),
I am not dead.

I feel terrible that I have not updated you, so much has happened! The guilt hits me every day because I have not forgotten you. But I must be frank with you, this blog was a way for me to relax and release the tensions I felt, my mental to do list. And I will be even more frank and tell you that it was mostly due to the painful unrequited love of my last relationship. And, yes, I hate the fact that I let a 'boy' infiltrate my mind like that but it is a long and complicated story, and that's what a lot of life is about.

But now things are New and Different!

So now I feel that I am a stronger person with a whole new set of plans laid out in front of me since I returned home in August. I hope to change up the layout on this blog to represent this step forward and be able to update you all once again. I will also try to backdate some blog entries about my trip to Southeast Asia. Just let me get some schoolwork out of the way first...


Flavia (and Mima)

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