Friday, 29 January 2010


Why hello! I've got this sudden burst of energy to clean up my room. I deserve a nice room, don't I? I'm free tonight to I'm going to do as much as I can, then worry about reading afterwards. Also got a Toga Party of sorts tomorrow, pretty excited about that.

Today in lit lecture, we met Lynn Crosbie and there are no words to describe her. Personally, however, I was not a big fan of Liar, though after hearing about her other works I want to rush out and grab myself a copy to read them. You know when
you really don't match the author to the works?

Speak of which, RIP Salinger, Catcher in the Rye was the best part of high school as I'm sure so many others claim it to be. I've got a few of his books and I never bothered to open them, sadly, his death will remind people of his work and have them reading him again. I wonder if they will make a Catcher in the Rye movie, wouldn't that be interesting...though they'd use like...Zac Efron and that would cause much displeasure in the literary world, I'm sure...
Alright, I've got an avocado sandwich in my tummy and I'm ready to go :) Let's see how much I can get done before I sit back down to watch more episodes of LOST, final season fast approaching!! I am now on...Season 3 Episode 3, steadily catching up. What a geek!

Quick list for memory's sake: (dont get mad)

    • Budapest, Stockholm
    • Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona
    • London, Edinburgh, Dublin
    • Cefalu, Rome

    • New York, Chicago, Vancouver, Tallahassee

    I've got my blog page open so the music can play and I can dance around the room, though I should probably update that silly thing...:) xx

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